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Creating an invoice is a fundamental task for businesses, freelancers, and contractors alike. It is not only a request for payment but also a document that can serve as a legal record of the transaction between you and your client. At Evontos.com, we understand the importance of this process and aim to make invoice creation as straightforward and efficient as possible. This guide will walk you through the steps to create a professional invoice using our platform, along with tips to ensure your invoices are clear, compliant, and conducive to prompt payment.


Understanding Invoices

Before diving into the creation process, it's essential to understand what an invoice is and what it should include. An invoice is a document sent by a provider of a product or service to the purchaser that specifies the amount of money owed for the product or service rendered. A comprehensive invoice typically includes:

- Date of Issue: The date when the invoice is generated and sent.
- Invoice Number: A unique identifier for each invoice.
- Seller's Information: Your name or your company's name, address, and contact details.
- Client's Information: The recipient's name, address, and contact details.
- Description of Goods or Services: A detailed list of the products or services provided, including quantities and prices.
- Subtotal: The total amount before taxes and discounts.
- Taxes and Discounts: Applicable taxes, discounts, or additional charges.
- Total Amount Due: The total amount the client owes you.
- Payment Terms: The deadline for payment and preferred payment methods.


Getting Started with Evontos.com

To create an invoice on Evontos.com, start by logging into your account. If you don't have one, registration is quick and easy. Once logged in, navigate to the "Invoices" section in your dashboard. Here, you will find the option to create a new invoice.


Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Invoice

1. Select 'Create New Invoice': Click on the button to start the process. Choose the file format from the given options (Word, Excel, Google Sheets, or Google Docs).
2. Fill in Your Details: Ensure your business name, address, and contact information are accurate. This step is crucial for building trust with your client.
3. Enter Client's Information: Input the client's name, address, and contact details. If you've invoiced this client before, Evontos.com can autofill this information for you.
4. Add Invoice Date and Number: The system can automatically generate an invoice number for you, maintaining sequential order and ensuring uniqueness.
5. List Products or Services: For each item, include a description, quantity, and price. Our platform allows you to add as many items as needed.
6. Include Taxes, Discounts, and Shipping: If applicable, add details about taxes, discounts, or additional charges like shipping fees.
7. Set Payment Terms: Specify the due date for the payment and your preferred payment methods. Offering multiple payment options can facilitate quicker payments.
8. Review and Customize: Before sending, review the invoice for accuracy. You can also customize the invoice with your logo and brand colors for a professional touch.
9. Send Your Invoice: Once everything looks good, send the invoice directly to your client's email from the platform. You can convert the invoice to PDF if needed.

Tips for Effective Invoices

- Be Clear and Detailed: Ensure the descriptions of your products or services are clear and detailed enough for the client to understand what they are being charged for.
- Prompt Invoicing: Send invoices promptly after the completion of a service or delivery of goods. This can significantly reduce payment delays.
- Follow Up: If payment is not received by the due date, don’t hesitate to send a polite reminder. Evontos.com can automate this process for you.
- Maintain Records: Keep copies of all invoices and payment confirmations. This will be helpful for accounting purposes and in case of disputes.


Can I create recurring invoices?

Yes, Evontos.com supports the creation of recurring invoices, ideal for ongoing services or subscriptions.

Is it possible to customize the invoice template?

Absolutely! You can customize the invoice template with your branding, including your logo and brand colors.

What if I need to cancel or modify an invoice?

You can cancel or modify an invoice before it's paid. If it's already been paid, you'll need to issue a refund or adjustment note instead.

Can I send invoices directly to my clients through Evontos.com?

Yes, you can send invoices directly to your clients' email addresses from the Evontos.com platform, streamlining the billing process.

Does Evontos.com provide options for international invoicing?

Indeed, Evontos.com offers templates and features that support international invoicing, including currency conversion and multilingual support.

How can I track the payment status of my invoices?

Evontos.com includes features that allow you to track the payment status of your invoices in real-time, helping you stay on top of your accounts receivable.


Creating an invoice on Evontos.com is designed to be a smooth and efficient process. By following the steps outlined in this guide and utilizing the tips provided, you can ensure your invoices are professional, compliant, and set up to facilitate prompt payment. Remember, a well-crafted invoice not only reflects your professionalism but also helps maintain positive relationships with your clients. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, our support team at Evontos.com is always here to help.